How to Play AVI Files Using QuickTime?

A QuickTime player can sometimes show weird behavior while playing certain files with .avi extensions. The problem could be there in the player or with the file that is been played. The major reasons for such problem could be

  1. AVI file header corruption
  2. Codec errors and compatibility issues
  3. File is not in a playable format/improper file format
  4. QuickTime is not finding an appropriate codec to open video content
  5. Incorrect Operating system updates etc.

Under such instances, QuickTime will play the only video but no audio and vice-versa and may also display some kind of error messages etc.. In that moment when QuickTime refuse to play AVI, then try some simple methods and attempt to fix this issue.

  • If QuickTime won’t play your.avi files then try it in some other media player
  • If the downloaded AVI file is not playing then try by re-downloading it
  • If it is a codec issue then get a recommended codec available online
  • Try by using a trustworthy file converter tool and convert unplayable AVI to some other media format type (Example: .wmv, .mp4 etc.)

If you still fail with all these attempts to fix the AVI file then probably the file is facing a severe corruption and need to be repaired. For this, Yodot AVI Repair program is one right solution. Here is how the Yodot tool works:

Step 1: Download the repair tool from here

Step 2: Launch program on your Mac device

Step 3: Navigate through AVI file path by clicking on Browse button

Step 4: Press over Repair button to initiate the fixing process

Step 4: A window appears showing progress of file fixture

Step 5: After all necessary fixtures you can confirm repair with preview

Step 6: Now the file is ready to be saved to a storage location

Step 7: Close the application and play your files on QuickTime player

Therefore, now you know how to play AVI files using QuickTime when it doesn’t play in a right way. This software runs on all Mac OS X versions: Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. The utility is also available in a separate version for Windows systems (supporting all latest OS versions).

Yodot’s eminent algorithms can swiftly repair .avi files in a quicker fashion. Apart from AVI, it is capable of fixing XVID and DIVX files with high success ratio. Even media files in external storage like USB drives can be fixed in a similar way. As mentioned above, it involves only a simple set of steps and repairs damaged AVI files in a matter of minutes. It is noted that this software will not affect or cause further damages to any part of the source file during the repair process. A wide number of users find this as a handy tool for all video file repair purposes. Thus, it is now easy to quickly repair any unplayable AVI files in QuickTime using this handy application.

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