How to Get Back Deleted Excel Files from Recycle Bin?

Accidentally deleting an Excel worksheet that contains important business data can definitely cause a big headache. Fortunately, Recycle Bin is a handy safety net when you accidentally delete something. You can easily recover your deleted Excel files from Recycle Bin if you have not used Shift+delete keys or not emptied your Recycle Bin.

Now, if you ensure that you have not emptied recycler and removed files without using any command or keys then, Method 1 will be a valid step for you.

Method 1: Check how to restore deleted Excel sheet from Recycle Bin

  • Open Recycle Bin
  • Find your erased file and double-click on it. Select Restore You can find restored files in their original location

This method doesn’t help when your Excel files have skipped Recycle Bin. So there are chances of permanent deletion of the same. To avoid this, stop using your system for any READ / WRITE operations. What can cause the permanent removal of Excel or any files from Recycle Bin?

Find reasons here-

  • Few Excel files can contain large data. So, if your deleted file is exceeding in size more than that of Recycle Bin, then the file may bypass Bin and get erased permanently
  • You might have erased files from the Recycle Bin by selecting Empty Recycle Bin option, this clears off all the files from the Recycler (Same implies when Recycle Bin properties is enabled for the option – ‘Don’t move files to Recycle Bin)
  • Due to virus infection, your Excel files might be inaccessible

Above-mentioned causes can make deletion of Excel files permanently. After losing files you might be worried thinking how to get back deleted files from Recycle Bin. In such case, do not worry. As you have the option to retrieve erased files using recovery tools like Yodot. But before that please follow the given instruction.

Instruction: When a file is removed, space used by the file is marked as free and available. It means another file can overwrite the deleted file’s contents. Until your file has actually overwritten, there is a possibility of restoring deleted files. So make sure not to add any new files to the deleted space.

Windows do not have any utility/software to restore excel files which have bypassed Recycle Bin. So, opt for Yodot File Recovery Software – an excellent file recovery option. You can use Yodot to recover deleted excel files even if you have emptied your Recycle Bin. The utility can also help in retrieving large sized Excel files (xls, xlsx). You can download the demo version and give it a try.

Method 2: Find your deleted Excel sheets by following the given procedure:

Launch Yodot software on your Windows system and follow onscreen instructions. Choose ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option to regain deleted excel files. You can view a list of drives or partition present in the system. Select drive/partition (in this case Disk C :/) from where you want to rescue removed Excel files. Allow system to scan and display a list of erased files. Choose required Excel files from “Data view” and “File type view”. Finally, store them on your selected destination.

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