Apple’s new developer website gives new changes in the App Store


Apple has started to work on a new website for its App Store developers, which will be very useful for its developers. The developers will be getting resources, guidelines, practice and even information about the developer tool in this website. The App Store review guidelines and its developer software X code already there in its old website. Differentiating the new website from its old site it added educational videos and other tutorials to its site.

To get the criteria which Apple uses to choose featured apps and some other apps highlights in its editorial collections, the new site included the section Discovery on the App Store. Now most of the developers are depending on this section to boost downloads because it give users an easy way to find newly released apps and there will not be problem of searching the apps.

After Bloomberg said in its report that the Apple is working on its App Stores to restore its apps search and discovery process, behind that report only Apple introduced its new developer site to fulfill that work. Even though Apple decided to fix these problems within a year, still it became a big problem for the developers. It is very difficult to find the right app over the million apps. Sometimes keywords will not get relevant result. Now a team almost 100 staffers are working on this new feature under Cupertino and site may include sponsored search results to its app stores. The newly launch app appears late while searching apps as it will take more time to be indexed in all App stores.

The new features added to the App Store help the Company to get more profit, while it is already a multibillion dollar business. Till now the developers are paying money to the Company which they get from app sales, apps purchasing and advertising. And now the whole revenue system will be change if it charges for search results or featured placement in the App Store.

The new developer site also launched immediately after the apple announced its annual Worldwide Developer conference date. The conference date is scheduled for June 13and it will be held in San Francisco. As Apple’s plan is not clear about its App Store, the developer site suggests it will be giving more information about App Store developers in coming days.